The Dangers of Driving During the Springtime

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The days of icy, snow-covered roads are finally starting to melt away, and spring is almost here. Unfortunately, spring isn’t all sunshine and roses when it comes to driving. While roads may not be as treacherous as they are during the wintertime, spring also poses a variety of safety threats for drivers. As such, it’s important not to let your guard down on the road. To reduce your chances of getting in an accident, keep an eye out for some of the top dangers of driving during the springtime.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Large amounts of rain and vehicles don’t make the best combination. In addition to creating slippery road conditions that can cause drivers to lose control, rain can also impair visibility, increasing one’s potential for getting into an accident. Plus, large amounts of rain can cause vehicles to incur water damage, such as a flooded transmission or brake failure, which can pose a serious safety threat.

Because spring is the wettest season of the year, it’s best to take safety precautions. For example, drivers should:

  • Increase their following distance.
  • Make sure their windshield wipers are in good condition.
  • Make sure their tires have ample tread.
  • Inspect their vehicle regularly for signs of water damage.

Animals Wake Up

Animals are another of the most prominent dangers of driving during the springtime. During the winter, many animals went into hibernation. However, as temperatures begin to climb, those animals will start to wake up and may end up wandering onto the road. When large animals cross in front of your car without warning, they can cause serious accidents. Keep a close eye out for animals that may dart across the road at any moment.

Cyclists Hit the Streets

In addition to animals, the warmer weather also attracts a larger number of cyclists to the streets. Motorcyclists and bicyclists pose an added obstacle to drivers. To avoid accidentally hitting a vulnerable cyclist on the road, make sure to give them a wide berth when passing and increase your following distance to at least one car length per 10 miles per hour—maybe even more, if it’s raining.

Drivers Get a Confidence Boost

During the winter, when road conditions are snowy and icy, drivers tend to exercise more caution. However, as the ice begins to melt, drivers start getting more confident—even when the road conditions are still slick with rain. As drivers become less careful and drive at higher speeds, the potential for accidents increases. To prevent accidents this spring, make sure to avoid speeding and maintain caution when driving, despite the lack of snow.

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