The COVID-19 Crisis: Unique Ways to Celebrate a Birthday

The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. People have had to cancel their weddings, graduation ceremonies, and their birthday parties. If you’re one of these folks whose birthday plans have been thrown out the window due to recent events, there’s nothing to fear. There are still unique ways to celebrate a birthday during this global pandemic.

Treat Yourself

We’re all getting a little stir crazy from being stuck inside. Yet, it’s vital to remember why this is necessary. It’s our responsibility as a nation to help “flatten the curve.” Sadly, this means people with upcoming birthdays can’t celebrate at their favorite bars. Instead of going out, you should treat yourself as much as possible this year—as long as you stay inside. Cook or bake your favorite treats. Get messy in the kitchen and make yourself the ultimate 5-star meal. Don’t forget to bake yourself an amazing cake, too. Yet, there’s no reason to stop there. Try out other, more unique desserts, like a chocolate pot de crème with vanilla. Remember, calories don’t count on your day of birth.

FaceTime Your Loved Ones

We all must be practicing social distancing right now. We need to stay away from other people to stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean you have to celebrate your birthday alone. FaceTime or video chat with all your loved ones on this special day. Let them know that you miss them and wish you could spend the day with them. Also, ask them how they’ve been holding up. Your family and friends may have Netflix suggestions to help make the time go faster. Hopefully, your people will sing you happy birthday, as well.

Help Out Healthcare Workers

A unique way to celebrate a birthday during the COVID-19 crisis is to help out your local healthcare workers. So many people in the healthcare profession need our help right now. Spend your quarantine birthday assisting these people in any way you can. Order lunch for nurses and send it over to a hospital near you. If you have any extra PPE, send it your hospital’s way. Another wise idea is to set up a GoFundMe account for healthcare workers that you know. You’ll feel so much better spending your special day helping those in need.

Having to change your birthday plans is a devastating experience. Still, try your hardest to remember why it’s necessary this year. We must practice social distancing to keep high-risk communities safe. We’ll get through this together, and you’ll host an amazing party next year.

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