The calm before the storm

I guess you could say Halloween was the calm before the storm – the election that is.

This Halloween has been the quietest and calmest I have ever seen. This is the first time since we have lived in town that we have not given out candy at Halloween. That is actually a total of 55 years.

Gosh, I really missed seeing all the kids dressed in their costumes. Over the years I’ve heard people complain about so many  coming to their doors. I always give out three to four big bags full.

Most everything related to gatherings was canceled. I guess there some private parties around and about.

Carroll County E911 dispatchers gave out candy to about a 100 kids and McKenzie High School seniors sponsored a haunted house.

 I did hear that in Henry County the Jaycees handed our treats at the Henry County Fairgrounds to some 1,300 trick 0r treaters in a drive through.

The storm of hurricane force was expected to blow through the nation on Election Day Tuesday.

I’m not sure if the nation will have a president on Wednesday. If the vote is close, I don’t believe either presidential candidate will concede.

I just pray it doesn’t turn into a riot!

Why do we vote as we do?

Writer Lee H. Hamilton says there are a multitude of reasons as we all know.

Often, it’s judged on “likability” by whether or not we think a candidate is going to serve our interests. We evaluate them on whether they hold roughly the same goals and interests we do, and if so, we’re much more likely to support them.

Hamilton says he thinks Americans also prefer candidates who display a basic sense of honesty and decency, who possesses a strong moral compass, and who show compassion for people who are struggling in their lives. However, that does not mean that people always vote for them – political circumstances or straight-on political calculation can get in the way.

This year’s presidential campaigning has been most unusual and one that will certainly go down in the history books!

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