The Butlers are new parents of twin sons

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County Mayor Joseph Butler and wife Megan, are the the new parents of twin sons born Feb. 18 in Winterhaven, Florida.

They have been named Harry Lee and Judah James. It’s not certain if they are identical or fraternal.

The Butlers are in Winterhaven now as the infants grow stronger and the Butlers bond with them before bringing them home to Tennessee.

“They are healthy and doing well, but because they wee born two weeks early they are tiny,” said Joseph.

Harry Lee, who weighed 3 lbs.12 ozs., is named for his great grandfather Harry Glen Butler and great uncle, Dr. Harry Lee Butler. He will go by the name of Lee. Judah James, who weighed 4 lbs. 7 ozs., was named for the Biblical character, Judah and will go by that name. The middle name, James, is a a prominent in Megan’s family. The babies will spend a week in the neonatal unit in the Florida hospital.

 The Butlers, who have adopted the twins, are visiting a couple of times a day to feed and bond with them. They plan to be home within two weeks.

“It is good to have quiet time with them,” said Joseph. “We have met with the parents and have gotten to know them.”

Joseph said he and Megan plan to keep some level of communication with the parents and send them photos from time to time.

“We feel this is something God has called us to do,” said Joseph. “We want to spread love and be of service to others.”

The maternal grandparents are Philip and Stacey Nelson of Dresden. Walter and Jennifer Butler of Huntingdon are the paternal grandparents. Sara Butler, Howard and Marilyn Pruett of Huntingdon, and Sue Page of Milan are the great grandparents.

The twins will join the other Butler children who are Easton, 15; Harlon, 9, and Joie, 5.

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