The Biggest Challenges of Owning a Dog

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Making the decision to become a dog owner is one that you could never possibly regret; however, there are some substantial obstacles you’ll need to overcome. As much as you’ll love your new canine companion and want to give it the world, it comes with its own set of chores and lifestyle changes that you need to consider before you adopt it. Learn about some of the biggest challenges of owning a dog so that you’re ready for the tough decisions ahead.

The Change in Your Budget

The most obvious change that you’ll experience as soon as you leave the adoption office is a hole in your wallet. Adjusting your budget to accommodate your new furry friend may come with its own compromises and disappointing decisions—especially when you first get the dog. You’ll be responsible for any vet fees, adoption fees, and initial dog supply fees all at once.

If you want to lessen the sudden shot to your savings, try buying dog supplies gradually. Start with things like a travel crate and dishes—save purchasing food until the adoption day closes in.

Early Morning or Late-Night Walks

When you own a dog, long gone are the days of sleeping in until your alarm goes off and going to sleep right at your bedtime. Now you need to make time before work or sleep to take the dog out to do its business. While it can be frustrating at first, it does make you spend some time outside—which might have been lacking in your day-to-day life.

Dogs need to go outside, regardless of rain, sun, or snow—you’d best start watching the weather to gauge the most opportune time to take the dog out.

Leaving Your Dog’s Side

While it may sound cheesy at first, leaving your dog’s side isn’t one of the biggest challenges of owning a dog simply because you miss it. Whenever you head off to work to run errands, you’ll begin to wonder what they’re up to. The answer may be trouble. If you’re concerned about leaving your dog, leave them with a trusted dog sitter or a dog boarding facility for longer trips or vacations. This way, your dog will be safe with a professional or a team of dog experts and can get the care it deserves while you’re away. If you’re away often enough, you may consider dropping it off at a dog daycare for extra security while you’re not at home.

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