The Best Ways You Can Save Water on Your Farm

The Best Ways You Can Save Water on Your Farm

Water usage is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. You continually need to use more water, but you also want to reduce your usage. Unfortunately, this can complicate things, especially when you run a farm. Read on to learn the best ways you can save water on your farm.

Capture and Store Water

One of the best ways to save water on your farm is to capture and store rainwater and groundwater. You don’t need to only use water you pump from your city. Instead, you can manufacture your own ponds and dams or install rainwater tanks to capture and store rainfall throughout the year. This water is great for irrigation, and you can create a filtration system that makes it usable for other parts of your farm.

Be Careful With Your Livestock

If you are a farmer with a lot of livestock, you are familiar with using a lot of water. Each animal on your property requires water to drink, and each additional animal you add increases your water usage. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to reduce water usage for livestock on your farm. For example, look out for leaky pipes, as this is one of the main culprits of unnecessary water usage. On top of this, avoid overfilling drinking tubs, reuse wash water when possible, and clean your facilities before resorting to water for cleaning.

Rotational Grazing

Another method for reducing your overall water usage is rotational grazing. This method requires you to move your livestock between various fields to help pasture regrowth. If you only keep them in one area, they’ll eat up most, if not all, plant life. When they graze on this plant life, your fields are less drought-resistant and fail to absorb water, leading to water runoff. Rotational grazing promotes pasture regrowth, leading to more absorbent soil, and your animals get a little extra exercise as well.

Save water on your farm with these methods, and you’ll never look at your water bill the same. Instead of headache-inducing numbers, you’ll be happy you invested in these water-saving methods. In addition, your livestock and produce will thrive when you save water in these ways, as you won’t limit how much water you give them; you’ll just find other ways to store and save it.

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