The Best Places in America To Drive Exotic Cars

The Best Places in America To Drive Exotic Cars

Getting behind the wheels of the most longed-for exotic cars is a wonderful way to experience a slice of driving heaven. So long as you avoid a few common rental mistakes, your drive will create memories that last a lifetime.

However, you need to find breathtaking driving destinations to make the most of the experience. Use this list of best places in America to drive an exotic car to choose your ideal destination!

Malibu Canyon

Malibu Canyon is one of the most scenic areas in America: a place where you can enjoy exhilarating twists and turns, gorgeous mountains, and an unforgettable sky. You can start on Los Virgenes Road, take a scenic route to the Pacific Coast Highway, and enjoy often-overlooked California sites. Once you push out of the neighborhoods, the lush views of the Santa Monica Mountains await.

Traveling further down the road, you will encounter Malibu Creek Park and the Malibu Temple. Turning right at the Pacific Coast Highway gives you true California freedom as you whiz past cliff sides and open Pacific waters. This stretch truly is one of the best places in America to drive an exotic car. A convertible would be the perfect choice to take in the scenery and gorgeous California air.

Mulholland Drive

Once again, California makes the list. If there’s a perfect place to drive an exotic supercar, the iconic Mulholland Drive is it. Directors choose to film famous Hollywood car chases here for a reason.

Driving down LA’s Mulholland drive is the best way to feel and see what California offers. Again, a convertible like the Bentley Continental is perfect for feeling the warmth of the sun, breathing fresh air, and viewing the impressive homes in Southern California.

395 MacArthur Causeway

395 MacArthur Causeway is one of the best spots to test out your exotic car in Miami, Florida. There’s something special about coming off Downtown Miami and cruising into the palm-tree-lined South Beach in a top-down McLaren or Lamborghini. The gentle wind in your hair, blue waters all around you, and palm trees above is an experience that defines luxury driving in Miami Beach.

US Route 20 West

Route 20 is the ultimate road trip waiting to happen. This 3,000-mile stretch goes from Boston, Massachusetts, to Newport, Oregon, and touts itself as the longest highway in the country.

This nearly- straight journey is perfect for testing out the offerings of your exotic car. The transcontinental journey will bless you with amazing natural scenery, national monuments, waterfalls, and fossil beds.

M119 Harbor Springs

M119 Harbor Springs sits in the Midwest, a hidden gem to drive your car while staying in Michigan. You get to experience the Tunnel of Trees when you try out this greenery heaven for the first time.

Although it doesn’t have the elevation of Malibu, it makes up for the lack of altitude by boasting twisting turns nestled underneath ceilings of green. You can even reach Lake Michigan’s northern border for some stunning views.

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