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The American Dream without American Cuisine: Living Well celebrates their ninth anniversary

As of today, health experts agree that limiting meat products in one’s diet is now more than ever, pivotal to better overall health and conservation of the environment. Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant, one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Carroll County, is at the forefront of trying to change the typical “American Diet.”

It is located just off the Court Square at 19760 East Main Street.

Lisa Fraser was born in Saint Vincent, a country in the Caribbean, where she remembers her diet consisting of mainly vegetarian meals. After immigrating to the United States with her parents at age eight, she went on to attend college in New York. During an extended summer break, she decided to visit her boyfriend’s hometown of Huntingdon. The small-town atmosphere intrigued her, and she decided to raise her family here.

A couple of years later, she and her children opened up Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant, in order to give the  community a taste of the Caribbean cuisine she grew up eating. Lisa, who received her citizenship last year, said she tries to be an example to her children of how the “American Dream” can be accomplished through hard work and culture.

Lisa recounts the current and past challenges of running her restaurant.

“During the opening phase of Living Well, I was cautioned away from opening a vegetarian restaurant in the “baked potato and barbeque” area, but I knew that this was what I was meant to do,” she said. “God put me here.”

Living Well’s menu consists of vegetarian versions of popular American dishes such as lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. However, her most famous meals are those straight from her culture. Lisa’s most popular dish is her currant roll, similar to a cinnamon roll, except with vegetarian ingredients such as wheat flour, honey, cinnamon, and currants.

THE CURRANT ROLL – Her pastry made from natural ingredients has to be pre-ordered, due to its popularity and time needed for preparation.

Peggy Allen, a frequent customer, outlines her experience:

“Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant has daily prepared fresh food,” she said. “I average eating their food three times a week. My cholesterol became within normal limits after eating there over the past year without any medications. Their restaurant is one of the best-kept secrets in Huntingdon!”

If you would like to see their menu or order, please visit Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant – Huntingdon Tennessee Restaurant

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