Tennessee State Championship Time Trail cycling race

STATE TT TEAM – The State TT Team gathers after the race. Photo by Robyn Hatler
HERE SHE COMES – Bella Sass comes off the ramp.Photo by Walter Smothers

There was an excellent turn out for the Tennessee State Championship Time Trial cycling race on August 20 in Huntingdon. The race was hosted by Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association (TBRA) and cycling team Marx Bensdorf. Over 100 riders were registered for the event with several cyclists traveling from East Tennessee and as far as Indianapolis to participate. The race began at the Court Square  with a custom starting ramp constructed by local resident Jimmy Crossett. 

The course headed down Lexington Street and out to Highway 22 where it continued towards the town of Clarksburg. Riders as young as 9 years old were allowed to compete in the Juniors Categories. In addition to the junior category the race had divisions for tandems, 3-person teams, Merckx, and others based on age and experience. Public Health Educator Robyn Hatler commented, “The support of Carroll County for this event was amazing. The Carroll County Sherriff Department, Huntingdon police force and city workers, as well as volunteers from throughout the county stepped up to help and did an outstanding job.” 

The 1822 Coffee shop even opened early to accommodate riders. With less than a month to figure out the logistics event promoter Pam Tate and local resident Kirsten Sass did a fantastic job getting the event organized.” Feedback from riders that participated noted they loved the venue and the course and hoped the event will return to Carroll County next year.

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