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Teachers, staff members hired for McKenzie Schools

Teachers and other staff members have been hired and resignations have been granted for the 2020-2021 school
Letters of resignation were accepted from Educational Assistants Breshaun Oglesby, Kerrick Owens and Michael
New personnel hired include Renee Hobson, CDC at elementary schoo and Valerie Blyler-Gurley as education
New middle school education assistants are Kevin Beck, Josh Middleton and Crystal Locke.
McKenzie Elementary School personnel are Malissa Anderson, Beth Bailey, Lauren Banuelos, Chase Barton,
Brandy Baumgardner, Josie Brown, Kelsey Brown, Kristi Brown, Lorrie Brown, Tonya Brown, Anita Burden,
Kristina Collins, Dusty Emerson, Lauren Flannery, Courtney Fowler, Christina French, Alex Hayes, Hannah
Haywood, Courtney Kee, Josh Kee, Katherine Keys, Sydney Lane, Cari Moore, Rachel Newman, Amanda Oakley,
Kelly Simmons, Beckie Smith, Tiffany Smith, Mary Spivey, Jana Stafford, April Stepp, Amy Talley, Megan Taylor,
Brandy Turman, Joanna Turner, Chris Wall, Jill Warren, Amy Wilkes, Jill Wilson and Allison Winston.
Members of the support staff are Traci Baker, Cynthia Creyssels, Cathy Edlin, Gale Edwards, Gina Harper, Carol
Hill, Daphne Jackson, Ginny Knott, Melodie Marr, Rocia Mejorado, Amy Scott, Derrinda Thomas and Mallory
McKenzie Middle School staff members are Audra Atkins, Sherrie Austin, Joe Baumgartel, Gretchen Boucher,
Paul Carroll, Mistee Cooper, Cassie Ellis, Karlene Ellis-Brown, Veda Haney, Jessica Hochreiter, Rachel Johns,
Rebecca Jones, Beth Mathis, Savannah Merchant, Amanda Morris, Jennifer Nelson, George Ognibene, Jill Renfro,
Zach Renfro, Ty Riggins, Lori Robertson, Dorethea Royle, Kim Smith, Bess Toombs, Roxie Walker, Angela
Winstead, Megan Wortham and Josephine Wright.
The support staff includes Patricia Allen, Karen Moore and Vera Shipp.
Members of the McKenzie High School staff are Keith Breeden, Trey Cantrell, Jackie Carr, Erika Cole, Wade
Comer, Lesley Davidson, Paula Doster, Susan Dyer, David Featherston, Mallory Fowler, Billie Jo Hardwick, Hunter
Herrin, Jordan Jowers, Cheyanne Kyle, Jeannine Lowe, Kim Lowe, Ashley Lowe, Traci Lunn, Carol Nanney,
Jennifer Ognibene, Gina Pate, Dan Ridley, Larry Jo Smith, Kelly Spivey, Randy Thomas, Zach Tippitt and John
Support staff members are Jamie Brown, Tammy Maxwell, Kim Hudgins, Charro Keenan and Jennifer Travis.
Central office staff members are Stan George, Ladona Herrin, Dianne Anderson, Angie Hollowell, Kevan King,
Leighann Horne and Greg Jones.
Maintenance members are Bobby Osborn, Mitch Belew and Frankie Brockman.
Food service personnel are Kathy Barcroft, Betty Carrington, Bobbie Fann, Rosemary Fowler, Megan Fuzzell,
Beverly Overcast, Laura Martin, Virginia Cross, Patricia Lee, Brittany Morgan, Lewis Wilson, Susan Baker, Allison
Daizell, Tamara Nanney and Brenda Smith.

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