TDOT employees did great job in clearing highways

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Three cheers for TDOT employees for the great job they did in clearing the highways after two major snows this past week. I have never known the highways to be completely cleared so quickly. Generally, only the tracks where the tire tires run are cleared during the first two or three days after a snow.

The TDOT crew may have learned some new tricks. Potato juice and calcium chloride have been added to the brine mix to melt the snow faster, according to TDOT Community Relations Officer Nichole Lawrence.

I say the crews deserve a few days off or a big feast of some kind. However, since I’m not  the supervisor, I can’t order any of these things. But I certainly feel that they deserve it. However, Benjamin Lawrence and Kim Brannon did see to it that a bountiful meal was served for the employees.

Eighteen thousand tons of salt were used and 99,000 miles were logged during their work schedule of five days. Again, a big shoutout to these guys and gals for a job well done.

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