TBI arrests Huntingdon man for attempted murder, arson

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Special agent fire investigators with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) have charged a Huntingdon man in connection to a Monday morning fire at a residence near Huntingdon.

Jason Forsythe, 49, has been charged with attempted first degree murder and arson, and as of press time Monday, he was being held on a $250,000 bond at the Carroll County Jail.

TBI agents joined the Carroll County Fire and Sheriff’s Departments in the investigation of the Monday morning fire at 6100 Old Stage Road.

According to Sheriff Andy Dickson, Forsythe allegedly set fire to a garage apartment attached to a house while a female victim was present in the residence shortly before 7 a.m.

Dickson said that the female victim, who was not injured, made the 911 call stating that her residence was on fire and that she was afraid to leave because Forsythe was outside waiting for her.

Upon arrival, deputies found Forsythe still at the scene and initially took him into custody for outstanding warrants.

During the course of the investigation, TBI agents and other investigators determined that Forsythe was responsible for setting the fire that destroyed the garage apartment, the adjoining house, and a vehicle.

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