Sympathy to Kelley and Russell  families in the loss of great men

This last week has been a sad one. I pray I don’t have to repeat it any time soon. Each day seemed to lay on more burdens and sorrow.

What a loss to Huntingdon and Carroll County in the death of Mayor Dale Kelley who had served the town for 30 years and was so instrumental in the fruition of the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Lake and The Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center. These are projects that people will enjoy for years.

Not only did he serve as the town’s mayor, but as a state legislator, in governors Lamar Alexander and Bob Haslam’s administrations.

At one time he considered running for a position in Washington, but backed out.

He was all about thinking about others over himself. He will be truly missed.

Then came the death of THP Sgt. Lee Russell, 35, of McKenzie. He died when the helicopter he was                                                                                                                                                                                                       piloting got into some electrical power lines while he and a detective from Marion County were searching for a lost man.

His funeral was on Sunday, attended by hundreds. Visitation at Brummitt – McKenzie Funeral Home lasted nine hours on Saturday with a continuos flow of family, friends and law enforcement from all over the state and country.

He was such a fine young man who was passionate about his job and helping people. I don’t know if anybody knows how many missions he flew on during his career.

His father, Steve, now retired, was a well known highway patrolman. He was a great professional who you could depend on. He always returned my calls when I needed information for a story.

Apparently Lee had learned well from his father.

Sympathy to these two families in the loss of these two men who made impacts for the good of their fellowman.

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