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Swearing-In Day for Aug. 4 Election winners

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS – County Commissioners who were sworn in on Sept. 1 are seated in front (from left) are Jimmy McClure, Larry Spencer, and Randy Long. Standing on each side (left) Joey Simmons and right, Darrell Ridgely. At back (from left) are Lana Suite, Barry Mac Murphy, Lin Smith, Daniel Willman, Willie Huffman, Joey Darnall, Walter Smothers, Manuel Crossno, Jason Martin, Cyril Ostiguy, John Austin, Daniel Thomas and Jimmy Halford. Not pictured are Spiridon L. Roditis, Jay Phipps, and Philip Moore.

Winners in the Aug. 4 General Election were sworn in during a Sept. 1 ceremony in the Carroll County courthouse on Sept. 1 at 1:30 p.m.. 

Twenty-fourth Judicial District Judge Brent Bradberry was in charge of the ceremony.

Bradberry told the filled courtroom of spectators that the ceremony that was abut to occur was the result of a lot of hard work.

“You officials and your families committed to and successfully ran for your respective offices,” he said. “We thank you for your willingness to serve.”

COUNTY OFFICIALS – Carroll County officials (from left) are District Attorney Neil Thompson, Sheriff Andy Dickson, Circuit Court Clerk Sarah Bradberry, Road Supervisor Ricky Scott, Property Assessor Rita Jones, Road Supervisor Ronnie Wade, Trustee Paula Bolen, County Clerk Darlene Kirk, Register of Deeds Natalie Porter and County Mayor Joseph Butler. General Sessions Judge Michael King is seated.

Continuing he pointed to the fact that the oaths that are being taken are the officials declaration to the citizens of Carroll County that “we’ll do what we said we’d when we shook your hand and asked for your vote.”

“May we all stand by our words,” said Bradberry.

JUDICIAL WINNERS – Judicial winners in the Aug. 4 election were (from left) Chief Justice Roger A. Page who swore in the judicial officials and District Attorney Neil Thompson, Chancellor Vicki Hoover, 24th Judicial District Judge Bruce Griffey, 24th Judicial District Judge Brent Bradberry and Carroll County General Sessions Judge Michael King. Photos by Shirley Nanney.

Bradberry introduced State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger A. Page who swore in the judicial officials, County Mayor Joseph Butler and Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson.

Taking the oaths of office were also Chancellor Vicki Hoover, 24th District Judicial Judges Brent Bradberry (Part 1) and Bruce Griffey (Part 2), Carroll County General Sessions Judge Michael King.

General Sessions Judge King swore in county officials Circuit Court Clerk Sarah Bradberry, County Clerk Darlene Kirk, Trustee Paula Bolen, Register of Deeds Natalie Porter, Property Assessor Rita Jones, Road Commissioners Ricky Scott and Ronnie Wade.

County Commission members were given the oath of office by Judge Bradberry.

They included: 1st District, Darrell Ridgely, Randy Long and Jimmy Halford; 2nd District, Lana Suite and Daniel Willman; 3rd District, Larry Spencer and Joey Simmons; 4th District, Lin Smith and Daniel Thomas; 5th District, Barry Mac Murphy, Joey Darnall and Cyril Ostiguy; 6th District, Jimmy McClure and Philip Moore, 7th District, Manuel Crossno and Walter Smothers; 8th District, Jay Phipps and Willie Huffman and 9th District, John Austin, Spiridon L. Roditis and Jason R. Martin.

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