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Summer Reading Program ends with party, prizes and program

THE RIGHT PIECES – One -Year-old Skyler Watson, daughter  of Jarrett and Brittany Watson of Huntingdon, finds the right pieces of the puzzle at the Summer Reading Program’s concluding session at the Carroll County Library. on Thursday.

Carroll County Library’s Summer Reading Program for children ended Thursday after  seven weeks.

Through the children reading  lots of books and  for hours during the program, Children’s Librarian Grace Hawkins was able to donate 665 books to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

David Ou, 12,  of Huntingdon was the top reader in the older group with 193 hours. Layla Carter, 6, read or listened to the most books in the younger group for a total of 250.

“This is one of the best programs I have been a part of,” said Hawkins. “The children have been inspired by the theme and   displayed such enthusiasm.”

“Oceans of Possibilities” was the theme for the reading program.

Twenty-one children counted the number of hours they spent reading or listening to books. Altogether, they read for 914 hours and 15 minutes.

Among the interesting programs were The Science Guy who did experiments that involved the children, a Smokey Bear visit, and Berry Mitchel’s Magic and Puppet Show.

Christina Pryor of Huntingdon, who recently moved a year ago with the family from Killen,Texas, brought her two young children for story hour.

She said she liked the story hour for her children to participate in.

Children could pick gifts from a table of numerous items, depending on the number of books they had read and the number of hours read. Other prizes were also given away such as back packs.

Food served went along with the theme: hotdogs made to look like octopuses, cupcakes with blue icing as waves, vanilla wafers with blue filling and green grapes on a stick made to look like seaweed.

As the children departed, they were treated to snow cones in a variety of flavors, served by Richelle Stokes, known as Miss Freez, and other treats by library director Erin Crockett.

FUN AND GAMES – One-year-old Isadora Crockett, Penelope Crockett, 5, and Dailen Watson, 3, have fun at the Carroll County Library on Thursday. Isadora and Penelope are the children of Cody and Erin Crockett. Dailen’s parents are Jarrett and Brittany Watson. All are from Huntingdon.

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