Summer Baseball Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

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Summertime is baseball time, and many youth leagues compete out in sweltering heat. Playing out in the summer heat can be dangerous for your children. Our summer baseball tips will keep your kids safe and won’t take away from the summer fun.


The number one thing you want your child to do is to drink more water before, after, and during the game. You also want to make sure they avoid drinking anything with artificial flavor to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Baseball Hat

An important accessory and quintessential item that your kids should wear during a ballgame is a baseball hat. Baseball hats were made to protect players from the sun. Not wearing a hat can impair your child’s vision, which can be dangerous.


Another item you can equip your child with to protect her from the sun is sunglasses. Many players choose specific sunglasses made for their needs to give themselves better vision on the field. Along with a baseball cap, seeing in the sunlight is no longer a problem.


A no brainer for the summer baseball season is to use sunscreen. Get your kid sunscreen meant to handle sweat and last long periods of time. The summer sun can take a toll on players when they’re not in the shaded dugout. Also, do not forget to reapply the sunscreen according to the suggested intervals on the bottle.


Another summer baseball tip is to bring towels to the game, because chances are your kid will get sweaty playing in the sun all day. A towel stored in cold water can also be the perfect way to cool off your child when the time comes.

Performance Shirt

Our final suggestion for the summer season is to have your child wear something underneath their jersey. A performance shirt from Nike or Under Armor is designed to prevent sweat from sticking to skin, which will keep your kid cool throughout the whole game.

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