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Students prepare great meals for the Coalition

I am on the Carroll County Prevention Coalition board. The organization meets once a month in the winter with a few months off during the summer.

We always meet around lunch time for an hour or so. As everyone knows illegal drugs have become such a problem that are claiming lives daily.

We are given updates by director Kaitlyn Douglas on such things as programs that can be presented through the Coalition to the public, statistics on the drug situation and the latest news on what drugs are more prevalent  in our county.

Since we have only an hour, we eat during the meeting.

Through the gracious generosity of Ms. Michelle Crowell’s Culinary Arts class at the Carroll County Technical Center, the Coalition members eat well every time we meet.

Last Tuesday’s meal was especially awesome, but actually it is every time. The menu this past Tuesday had a spring theme which was a welcome treat from heavier foods that we eat in the winter.

It was a salad arranged in sections with carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, a pickle and half a hard-boiled egg that surrounded a half of a fresh tomato topped with your choice of tuna or chicken salad. It was very colorful and that made it even more pleasing and appetizing. The tastebuds enjoyed every tasty bite.

To compliment the salad a croissant, several saltines and two sugar cookies were included in a separate plastic bag. It was just a perfect meal.

In the past, this group of students has served tacos, soup and a variety of sandwiches.

These students come from all over Carroll County, meaning the schools of Huntingdon, McKenzie, Clarksburg, West Carroll and Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central are represented.

A big shout out to Ms. Michelle and these students for keeping the Coalition members so well fed with these delicious meals  each time. They are always so healthy, tasty and colorful.

We do appreciate you!

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