Strategies for Making Your Gifts More Meaningful

Strategies for Making Your Gifts More Meaningful

Some gift-givers use generic gifts as a crutch. Their recipients receive gifts of the same variety, with an assortment of colors or size variations. But these kinds of gifts can seem callous if you’ve known the receiver for a long time. Fortunately, there are strategies for making your gifts more meaningful for the person who will receive them. Using these will allow you to demonstrate you’re making an effort to make the receiver feel loved and important. Here are a few ways to make your gifts memorable and deepen your bonds with your friends and family.

Think About What Your Recipient Likes

What kind of activities does your recipient like doing? What are their hobbies? Maybe they enjoy making art. What kinds of presents would an art enthusiast love? If they’re an aspiring chef or someone with a lush backyard garden, you can base the present on those interests too. You can get someone a gift they highly appreciate and won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase just by putting a little bit of thought into it.

Consider Customization

Remember that conversation you had where your recipient mentioned their preferred color? Or they may have told you about that thing they’ve been meaning to buy for a long time but keep putting off. Think back on your conversations with the recipient—there could be clues in them that help you find the perfect gift.

You can also get them something more generic but with a personalized touch. Examples include customized bags and wallets, personalized address stamps, puzzles, aprons, photo books, jewelry, and more!

Include a Handwritten Note

Although this is not common nowadays, a note is something you must include in your strategies for making your gifts more meaningful. A handwritten note is something a person will be grateful for and treasure for years to come.

Remember That Actions May Be Best

A gift doesn’t always have to be a material thing. It can also be a sweet and thoughtful gesture. It can be as simple as having your friend’s favorite chair reupholstered or fixing their leaking kitchen faucet. These gestures show that the other person is important to you and that you know them well enough to figure out what they need.

Give When They Least Expect It

When you give a present, it doesn’t have to be on Christmas or during birthdays. It can be any time you want to surprise a person special to you. You can have the present delivered when you know they’re having a bad day. Surprise them with a gift they need to make their lives easier. Or present your gifts in an unusual location when they least expect it. A more sincere, thoughtful, and creative gift will show how much you care about the recipient.

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