Special Touches to Customize a Funeral

It’s often important to family and friends to express just how special a loved one was after their passing. Finding special touches to customize a funeral can help reflect the deceased’s character through the service. By adding the following elements to the funeral arrangements, you can be sure to showcase just how loved the individual was.

A Well-Written Speech

A well-written and practiced eulogy can beautifully encapsulate the individual’s impact and character. Eulogies typically include a story or two that provides a firsthand glimpse at what made the deceased so special.

A speech is a nice opportunity for a family member or friend to share an anecdote that other guests might not be familiar with. Preparing a heartfelt eulogy can feel like a big responsibility, but with careful consideration and practice, your speech can embody your loved one’s cherished personality.

A Unique Dress Code

Maybe your loved one was a huge fan of a certain sport team or known for loving the color purple. Tweak the standard formal and all-black dress code to one that honors the deceased’s preferred fits.

Changing up the dress code to something more relaxed and fun, such as graphic tees, jerseys, or a specific color, can also help relieve the emotional tension of a funeral. You can note the funeral attire request on the online obituary, alongside the other funeral details.

Personalized Keepsakes

Personalized keepsakes make powerful special touches to customize a funeral because they get to go home with the guests. While you’re probably familiar with memorial or prayer cards handed out at funerals, you can additionally offer personalized keepsakes.

For example, you could hand out engraved baseballs for the avid baseball fan, flower seeds for the veteran gardener, or maybe a favorite record of the music buffs. These guest handouts serve as a nice reminder of the deceased and their favorite things.

Meaningful Décor and Mementos

You can also incorporate your loved one’s favorite things into the funeral service décor. Wherever you host the funeral service, you can decorate it with mementos from the deceased’s beloved life. Showcase their passions, accomplishments, and milestones to represent the life they led. Visitors will also appreciate having mementos around to explore and appreciate before and after the service.

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