Snow Photos of February 2021

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COURTHOUSE AT NIGHT – The Carroll County courthouse showed up well in the night light after the snow last week.Submitted Photo
SNOW CREAM FOR SURE – Three-year-old AdaRose Woods has her cup ready for gathering the white stuff for some snow cream. She is the daughter of Lee and Mary Woods of Clarksburg. Photo Submitted.
OH WHAT FUN – These Huntingdon kids loved this sled that provided a lot of fun during the snow. From front to back, London Jones, 7; Adeline Kee, 4; Lila Jones, 3; and Jon Wilson Kee, 4. They are the children of Jonathan and Heather Kee, and Hunter and Wendy Jones. Photo Submitted
STRANDED MOTORIST – Bennie Dillingham assists this stranded motorist who became snowbound. Photo Submitted.
LAKE HEADQUARTERS – The headquarters at Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake was clothed in snow last week. Photo by Walter Smothers.
Raven Trevathan

Raven Trevathan

Administrative Assistant

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