Signs You Need To Remove a Tree from Your Yard

Signs You Need To Remove a Tree from Your Yard

Trees can be a great asset to have in your yard. From providing ample shade for your home to improving curb appeal, a healthy, mature tree can work wonders. However, if your trees aren’t in the best shape, they can pose a greater risk than you might expect. Weakened trees can fall, damaging your home in the process. So, make sure that you’re familiar with the key signs you need to remove a tree from your yard.

Visible Damage or Decay

One of the first indicators is visible damage or decay along the tree. In many cases, the tree in question will have dead or incredibly dry-looking branches. But there are several signs to notice along the trunk as well. These include large, deep cracks and abnormal amounts of peeling. These symptoms all indicate that the tree is either dead or dying and no longer has the structural integrity to withstand a storm or windy day.

Hollowed-Out Trunk

You’ll also want to check your trees for hollowing in their trunks. Sometimes, you can’t tell by a tree’s outward appearance whether it’s suffering from decay. As such, it’s important to test them frequently by tapping on them or looking in through hollow cavities. Hollow trees will create a different sound than healthy ones. Listening carefully will help you determine the difference.

Possible Fungal Infection

You may need to remove a tree if it’s sustained a devastating fungal infection. Unfortunately, disease is common among certain types of trees. Like rot, this infection eats away at it until only a husk remains. Because of this, be on the lookout for wood depressions, discoloration, and strange fungal growth. Keep in mind that you can treat some infections, but some may spread to your other trees. Removing it may be your best bet to save your yard.

It’s in the Way

Another noteworthy sign you need to remove a tree from your yard is that it’s simply in the way of another project. Even healthy trees could have poor positioning in relation to your home and amenities. This makes it difficult to do what you want with your yard, whether it’s building a deck or installing a pool. In these situations, taking it down might be something you have to do to proceed with your plans. Just make sure you use quality equipment, like a skid steer log grapple attachment, to properly lift and remove heavy sections of trunk.

In noticing these signs, you can remove the weakened or problematic tree before it becomes a serious issue for your home. So, make sure you routinely inspect them to guarantee you don’t miss anything.

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