Signs of Stress: Physical Ways It Shows Up

Signs of Stress: Physical Ways It Shows Up

Stress affects everyone, and understanding the symptoms of stress can help you determine if your tension is normal or chronic. Each type manifests itself in different ways. While some forms of stress will come and go, chronic stress can result in being sick, constantly tired, and having trouble sleeping. Continue reading to understand the physical signs of stress.

What Is Stress?

Every individual will experience stress at some time, as it’s a normal reaction that happens within our bodies. We may experience a stressful situation that causes our body to produce mental and physical responses to handle the change.

Even though most people have negative thoughts about stress, it can also be positive. It keeps you alert, ready for danger, and motivated. For example, if you’re taking your driver’s test soon, your body will motivate you to study longer and drive more often to prepare. Stress becomes a problem when you can’t relax.

Physical Stress Symptoms

Your autonomic nervous system controls your vision, breathing, heart rate, vision, and more. It’s that fight-or-flight response we’ve all heard of before. Long-term or chronic stress causes wear and tear on the body, and you may notice behavioral, physical, and mental symptoms developing.

Physical signs include:

  • Constant sickness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches, shaking, or dizziness
  • Muscle tension
  • Digestive issues
  • Jaw clenching

Stress Relief Strategies

There are things you can do daily to help reduce stress. Some days may feel more overwhelming and stressful than others, but implementing these habits will help. Make sure you use relaxation techniques at home, especially after a busy day.

Take time to exercise daily to boost your mood. Something as simple as a daily walk can help reduce your stress. Journaling your stressful thoughts is a coping skill that many individuals love, so if you enjoy writing, consider jotting down your stressful feelings and working out the stress.

Write down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help narrow your views to help you feel more in control. Also, consider talking with your health-care provider or a therapist about your worries.

Feeling stress is normal and natural. However, chronic stress can show itself in physical signs that can cause even more trouble. Use the above strategies to help find relief, but talk to your doctor if nothing seems to work.

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