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Even though there was more shopping done on-line on Black Friday this year than usual due to COVID 19, some people still chose to shop in person. Found shopping at Wal-Mart in Huntingdon were the Fisk family members who were visiting relatives during the Thanksgiving holiday.   From left are Emilee Fisk of Farmersville, Texas; Kathy Fisk and Tani Fisk, both of Griffith, Indiana. Emilee and Tani are Kathy’s daughters-in-law. Emilee has one son, 14, and two daughters, 12 and 10. Tani has two sons, 7 and 4. The three families were visiting Dan and Darlene Corbin of McKenzie, who are Kathy’s parents. The three say they make the trip each Thanksgiving to visit the Corbins and while in the area always enjoy shopping and especially for Black Friday deals. Photo by Shirley Nanney

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