Shopping Local

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – Cindy Cole shows Brian McCaslin a stylish top as a gift for a girl at the Belles and Beaus Boutique in Huntingdon Saturday. Brian is a captain with the Huntingdon Fire Department. The boutique has lots of stylish clothes for youths.
EARLY MORNING SHOPPING – Black Friday shoppers enter Wal-Mart at 6 a.m.. There was a long waiting in line just before the store opened. Shoppers were after household items and electronic item.
SHOPPING – From left, Matthew Crocetto, Danelle Crocetto, and Clevetta Harris fill their cart with sheets, pillows and plasticware shortly after 6 a.m. at Wal-Mart. Clevetta was in such a rush at one point that she broke her thumb nail trying to get to a sale item. She said it didn’t really matter because she had more similar nails at home. “Getting to that bargain was more important,” she said.
SENDING PHOTOS – Morgan Cole helps out a friend with shopping as she sends photos of several items at Belles and Beaus Saturday.

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