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  • Sheriff,  Register of Deeds, Road Supervisor win in contested races

Sheriff,  Register of Deeds, Road Supervisor win in contested races

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In a couple of other contested races for county offices, incumbent Sheriff Andy Dickson, who ran as an independent, kept his job for another four years, defeating Republican challenger Tim Pratt, and incumbent Register of Deeds Natalie McCullough Porter, who ran as a Democrat, prevailed over her only challenger, independent candidate Harold T. Smith, for another four-year term.

Dickson garnered 3,004 while Pratt received 1,605. Porter had 2,701 votes while Smith received 1,611. Porter had 2,701 votes to Smith’s 1,611.

Ronnie A. Wade was the winner in the race for road supervisor District 1. He had 1,838 votes to Michael Kyle’s 513. Both were independents.

In uncontested races, Republican County Mayor Joseph Butler had 3,977 votes while Republican Sarah Bradberry had 3,678 votes with independent County Clerk Darlene Kirk garnering 4,033 votes and Republican Ricky Scott, who run for District 1 Road Supervisor, receiving 1,579. Assessor of Property Rita Jones, who ran as an independent, received 3,899 votes and independent candidate Paula Bolen, who was a candidate for county trustee, had 3,971.

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