Senator Stevens addresses relevant issues at Capitol Talk event

As part of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce’s ongoing Capitol Talk series, State Senator John Stevens spoke a gathering of local community leaders early Friday morning, April 9 at the Carroll County Civic Center.

Stevens addressed issues related to criminal justice reform, the state’s budget, Governor Bill Lee’s proposal to give funding to cities and counties, and the impact of federal stimulus funding.

Stevens also responded to questions from those in attendance, and most of the questions focused on criminal justice reform. As the senator pointed out, most of the reform measures deal with making sure the punishment fits the crime.

In regards to the state’s budget, Stevens spoke about funding for education, and he specifically addressed funding issues at Carroll Academy.

When asked about funding for school resource officers, Stevens said he would look into it.

Stevens pointed out that about $200 million will going to municipal and county governments across the state.

He also said that guidelines for using federal stimulus money will come out in May.

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