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Safe Rock-Climbing Practices for Every Climber to Know

Rock-climbing is a beloved pass-time of adventurous individuals around the world. Whether your stomping grounds are here in the United States or across the globe, this activity has become a universal interest for various explorers. Rock-climbing allows you to see new heights as you’ve never seen them before and take to the cliffside in a thrilling, rewarding way. But as fun as this hobby is, it can also be equally as dangerous. As such, you must utilize these safe rock-climbing practices for each climb.

Wear the Proper Gear

Though this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s crucial you’re always protecting yourself before, during, and after a climb with the proper gear. These pieces can include everything from protective padding to helmets—they may be the thing that saves you from sustaining a terrible injury. It is important to note, however, that the gear you bring ultimately depends on the trip your taking and how dangerous the climb is.

Check Equipment for Defects

The key to maintaining your safety is to perform basic equipment inspections before each climb. Unfortunately, your climbing equipment can begin to break down due to poor storage and heavy use, making them less likely to hold your weight. It’s for this reason that you should learn how to inspect fall protection equipment and make a habit of this practice before all your climbs.

Use Safety Anchors

If you’re partaking in a particularly dangerous climb, you need to utilize anchoring equipment to keep yourself steady and secure. These lines act as your support system if you slip and fall, preventing potential extreme injury.

Keep Yourself Focused

Although you’re attached to a safety line, this doesn’t mean that you can zone out during your climb. Climbing requires your full and undivided attention for the run to be successful. This is especially the case if you’re climbing in a group as you’ll need to communicate your movements with the leader.

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