Ryan White gets my vote as McKenzie’s next police chief

Ryan White

By Shirley Nanney

It’s been a rough three weeks lately. It seems we didn’t get over one tragedy until another one would happen. First it was Mayor Dale Kelley’s death. Then Highway Patrolman Lee Russell’s death when his helicopter crashed and finally the sudden death of Judge John Everett Williams.

There have been lots of changes that are taking place.

McKenzie’s Chief of Police Craig Moates has retired and Ryan White who has been working for the City of McKenzie for more than 20 years is now serving as interim chief.

That’s good news. He has stuck with McKenzie and has the respect of the officers. That’s highly important in a police chief. He’s young, but he has been through the ranks, starting out as a young officer at only 20 years old here.

He knows the people of McKenzie and that’s really important. He lives here and can respond quickly if there is an emergency. He doesn’t live 150 miles away like the former police chief who wasn’t accessible on weekends if needed. Ryan said that he has had received a lot of support from the people when they learned of his promotion. There were several officers that had left McKenzie who said it was because of the former chief.

When we finished talking Monday, Ryan said, “Call me if you need me.” Now I like that attitude.

Mayor Jill Holland said the process will soon begin that will end with the naming of the new chief.

As far as myself, I vote for Ryan White.

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