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Requests granted by Lake Planning Commission, Zoning Appeals Board

The Carroll County Lake Regional Planning Commission and the Carroll County Lake Board of Zoning Appeals Board that have the same members met simultaneously Aug. 25 in virtual meetings at the Office Complex.

In the Planning Commission meeting, it was brought to the commissioners’ attention that Charles and Annette Hurmiz had submitted a final plat to split one property which is currently 6.79 acres in size into two lots which would be 2.69 acres and 4.10 acres in size, respectively. The property is located on the southeast corner of Leach and New Liberty Church Roads and is zoned L-2. However, Community Planner Donny Bunton noted the property does not have access to public water and sewer service and is not located in a designated flood hazard area.

Bunton’s concerns included the fact that the property had not been identified on the vicinity map. A certificate of septic approval for tract 2, signed by the county environmentalist, should have been included and a note stating than an existing septic system is located on tract 1 should have also been included on the plat.

Commission members agreed for the Hurmiz couple to split the property into two lots following a discussion. Bunton said the proposed lot where septic approval was thought to be needed was not a factor since it was combined with another property they own. The septic note for the lot with the existing house was added and the vicinity map was corrected.

The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be Sept. 22 at 1 p.m.

In the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, the board voted to allow Clyde Freeman Jr. to obtain a certificate of occupancy for a proposed manufactured home to be located at 398 Baker Road, so long as the existing single family home on the property is demolished and removed within six weeks of occupancy.  A demolition contract with a scheduled date of demolition will be required to be provided at the time of the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

The Zoning Resolution says that only one principal structure may be located on a property.

Freeman said he wants to live in the existing house only until the manufactured home is set up. He said it would give him time to salvage some usable items from the house before it is torn down.

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