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Repairs to The Dixie’s front given go-ahead

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The Dixie is about to get a slight face lift soon.

Mayor Dale Kelley informed members of the Huntingdon Town Council at the Dec. 8 meeting that the structural engineer has approved proceeding with the repair of the front of the building.

“Local contractors have been contacted to provide a repair estimate,” said the mayor.

The front of the building received heavy damage on Sept. 26 when a car rounding the Court Square  malfunctioned and ran inside the building, knocking out the front glass.

The mayor announced that local native Major General Tommy H. Baker has been appointed by Gov. Bill Lee as the interim state commissioner for the Dept. of Veterans Services.

During the meeting the mayor had words of praise for those who give of their time and service to the town. The council members, director of public safety, director of public works, town attorney, town judge, town recorder and their spouses or guests are generally invited to a Christmas dinner following the first Tuesday meeting in December each year. However, the yearly dinner was postponed due to the COVID Pandemic.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your service to our town this past year,” said the mayor. “This year 2020 has definitely presented new challenges. Experiencing these uncertain times gives us a great appreciation for all that you do.”

A public hearing on an ordinance that amends the text of the official zoning ordinance and revises the height based setback requirements for communication towers in all zoning districts was held prior to its second and final reading.

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