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Rep. Curtis Halford seeks re-election to Tenn. House of Representatives

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Curtis Halford (R) of Dyer is announcing that he will seek re-election to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
“It will be my great pleasure to continue to serve the people of Carroll and Gibson counties,” he said.
While serving in the 111 th General Assembly, Halford served as Chairman of the House Agricultural/Natural
Resources Committee, the Sub-committee to Agriculture/Natural Resources Committee, House Government
Operations Committee, Government Operations Sub-Committee, House State Government Committee, State
Government Sub-Committee and House Calendar and Rules Committee.
Halford was appointed by Speaker Cameron Sexton in 2020 to serve as a member of the National Conference of
State Legislators (NCSL) where he is a member of the Agriculture and Environment Standing Committee. Halford
is a former member of the Gibson County Commission, where he served six years before being elected to the
Tennessee House of Representatives in 2008. He is a Veteran of the United States Air Force Reserve.
Halford supports efforts to restrain government spending and is an opponent of increased taxes. With his help
Tennessee has been able to pass a balanced budget while lowering the taxes on Tennesseans by $500 million plus.
Tennessee continues to enjoy one of the best credit ratings in all fifty states. An avid outdoorsman, Halford supports
our Second Amendment freedoms and is a member of the National Rifle Association in good standing. He is pro-
life and has been honored with the endorsement of Tennessee Right to Life in previous campaigns. He is pro-
business/small business having received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses.
Representative Halford has been influential in helping to obtain several million dollars in Community Economic
Development grants for downtown development/redevelopment for the cities of Trenton, Milan and Humboldt in
Gibson County and Huntingdon in Carroll County. Several other cities received Community Development Block
Grants (CDBG) for water and sewer rehabilitation projects. Representative Halford’s efforts were instrumental in
bringing the Tyson Foods facility to District 79.
With re-districting on the horizon, Representative Halford has asked to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee relating
to re-districting across the state. Redistricting occurs every 10 years after the Census is completed. It is very
important that northwest Tennessee have a voice at the table during these important deliberations. Representative
Halford would like to be that voice for West Tennessee.
“We appreciate Chairman Halfords’ hard work for the citizens of Carroll and Gibson counties. I certainly look
forward to his continued great service in the House of Representatives,” said Representative William Lamberth,
House Republican Majority Caucus Leader. He is a man of great integrity and the folks of the 79 th District have
solid representation in Chairman Halford.” In a personal statement Representative Halford said, “I continue to be
incredibly fulfilled serving the people of the 79th District in the Tennessee General Assembly. This has been the
greatest opportunity ever afforded to me, but there is still much work to be done to make all communities in Carroll
and Gibson counties the best possible in Tennessee. I have had the opportunity to work on many issues of
importance to my district and the state. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and serve countless constituents
throughout the process. I appreciate the support and look forward to running for re-election in 2020.”
Please contact Representative Halford with questions or for assistance with state services. You may reach his
legislative office in Nashville at 1-615-741-7478 or you may contact him in Dyer at 731-487-5486 or e-mail him
at re[email protected]. Pd. Political Announcement

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