Remembering Hal and Dixie

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Oh, how the memories flood my soul. Sandy McLemore, the daughter of the late James McLemore, who served as County Clerk for a number of years, put this photo on Facebook the other day. A very special memory of mine where I felt like the paparazzi that day. I got to make Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter purchasing their marriage license back on 25, 1984.  They were married at the First United Methodist Church in McLemoresville on May 27.

I received a call from the county clerk’s office that someone special and of movie star status was making a marriage license purchase.

I wasn’t advised who at the time. Just told with the admonition “to hurry over.” So I did just what I was told. I grabbed my camera hurried over.

There they were! Carroll County’s own Dixie Carter of the TV show Designing Women (Julia Sugarbaker) fame and her famous actor husband-to-be Hal Holbrook. They were cordial and very happy to be readying themselves for their upcoming wedding day.

And of course, James McLemore was in seventh heaven because there was absolutely nothing that he liked to do anymore than sell a marriage license or perform the vows that would make a couple husband  and wife.

I met and photographed the famous couple on numerous occasions over the years at The Dixie.

The Dixie was a proud accomplishment for Mayor Dale Kelley fin honor of his former school classmate Dixie and her husband Hal. And you could tell they were so pleased with this “gem” not just because it bore their names but due to the fact that it was a place where people could come and enjoy entertainment and the arts.

Although, they are both gone, long will live their legacy and the remembrances of their visits to Carroll County, a place they loved and called home.

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