David Coy

We have all said or done something we wish we had not. Within the framework of sorrow we experience it more than we realize. Yes, there is a sorrow or regret about loss of fortune, fame, or people we loved, which if we are not careful can be all consuming in our spirits and often may break our hearts in the process. There are different views on this subject; if space permitted we could share. I offer two, first of which is a quote from Mol in 2014. “That regret which oft you think upon can do no good. It will just consume you. And if time itself could take you back to make amends, the consequences would likely be utterly devastating. Regret nothing, but instead – Learn from it.” Regret can be all consuming.

I do agree with the “learn from it” principle. Secondly, regret implies uneasiness of feeling at the past or present. From the Greek metamellomai, it means to care afterwards, that is, regret. What we sometimes have to learn is the unpleasant or painful way is necessary to change the direction of our life. An illustration is found in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthian saints. He said to them even if he made them sorry (Greek Lupeo, to distress; reflexively or passively to be sad: – cause grief) in his letter he did not regret (now) even though he regretted it earlier, because it brought about a needful result. In our journey with grief we have to walk a painful path to get to the other side of our journey where healing exists. We regret losing what or whom we had wished to hold on to for oh so much longer, but as we reflect it would not have been best for the person or persons we miss so terribly. Returning to the first principle of regret, it is good to learn from our life journey. The opportunity to share, learn and grow in a support group exists, come join us! ~David

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