Reasons To Try Fishing at Night

When it comes to man vs. nature, there’s no adversary more mysterious and slippery than the fish. Once you’ve gotten hooked by the sport, you’ll find endless kinds of fishing to challenge you, but there’s nothing like angling in the dark. You won’t have to look too hard to find your own reasons to try fishing at night, but these will get you started.

You’re on Your Own

There’s just less competition at night when the other die-hard fishers have given up and left you in control of the water. If you like the solitary aspect of fishing, this is the quietest time to concentrate on catching something—or to just be alone with your thoughts. Plus, you won’t be tangling your fishing line with anyone else unless you decide to bring along your buddies.

The Fish Aren’t Sleeping

Many species seem to be even more active at night, especially if the moon is out. The light helps them find smaller prey to feast on. In the warmer months, fish spend their days diving down to find cooler waters, but at night, the depths near the surface are more comfortable for them.

It’s a Different Experience

If you shine a light near the surface of the water, you can see all the tiny phototropes at the top, which are attracted to light. That starts the food chain as minnows swim higher to eat them, and then bigger fish eat the minnows. At night, fish depend more on their sonar senses, so it’s best to keep the bait moving.

New Gadgets To Try

Let’s face it—a lot of us fish for the sole purpose of buying more fishing gear. There’s no shame in it, and you can tell your skeptical spouse that “night fishing gloves” with little lights on the fingers will come in handy around the house.

Lanterns can attract biting insects, but you can buy some that repel them. Lights in the water are a must, and green is easiest for fish to see. From there, you can start shopping for tackle beacons, bite alarms, headlamps, and specialty night lures.

No Sun Damage

You may or may not be concerned about prematurely aging your pretty complexion, but no one wants to deal with sunburn. That’s the tradeoff of waiting all day for the big one, and the sun’s intensity often determines how long you can stay out there. One of the best reasons to try fishing at night is that there’s nothing to keep you from trying different spots and staying out until the wee hours. The only real danger is in falling asleep.

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