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Racial issues back at center stage with new movements

Although black right movements have been occurring for decades,
Generation Z has particularly been able to put the issue front and center for the
country. The answer is due to Generation Z’s influence in media.
According to an article by the Pew Research Center, 85 percent of Gen Zers
admitted that they checked social media constantly or several times a day.
Generation Z have been given the appropriate name of “digital natives” because they
are the first generation of which most do not remember a time without
The influence of social media allows for Generation Z to feel as if they should do
more to solve social problems. The uptick in gathering for protest, shared media of
brutality, and the overall mentality of the Black Lives Matter movement have all
stemmed from this generations ability to influence and be influenced by social
The recent gatherings of Black Lives Matter protest in Dyersburg, Huntingdon,
McKenzie, and Jackson have all been a result of increased social media awareness of
these events. This type of social media gathering has been shown in to be
increasingly affective as shown by the “prank” done by users on the app Tik Tok.
The app has become a social media craze and was used to inflate the attendance
expectations at a recent Trump rally.
In response President Trump has called to ban the app completely, but will this
actually stop Generation Z’s power to influence for social reform through social
media? So far, this answer is no.

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