Protect Your Home from the Most Common Autumn Pests

Just as we prepare ourselves for colder weather, so do unwanted house guests. Many pests become more visible as the temperature begins to drop and they move indoors to look for warmer places to nest. Prepare your home by learning which common household pests to look out for in the fall and how to prevent their invasion.


As the temperatures drop, cockroaches begin to move indoors, looking for warmer places to dwell during the colder months. These pests may seem invincible, but they struggle to survive in colder climates. You’ll often find roaches near pipes and drains, as these can provide water and warmth. To prevent these unwelcome guests this fall, keep a strict cleaning schedule and be mindful of piles of undisturbed materials in spaces such as your basement or attic.


Spiders are another pest that you need to look out for as summer turns to autumn. Many spider species become more active in the fall because of their breeding season. They may be unsightly, but one thing to keep in mind before you get rid of them is that spiders keep other bug populations in check. Nonetheless, call a professional at the sign of a full infestation.


Bedbugs are perennial pests, so they’re not necessarily more abundant in the autumn. However, many people tend to travel for Thanksgiving, so the opportunity to transmit bedbugs greatly increases in the fall. Be observant of your belonging when you return from your holiday travels.


Rodents are some of the most common autumn pests. As the temperatures drop, rodents will invade homes looking for a warm place to live during the winter months. Homes can also be a source of food and water. To protect your home from rodents, maintain a daily cleaning schedule and patch up any cracks or holes in your home’s exterior that could let in rodents. Patch any leaks as well, since rodents are often more drawn to water sources than to food sources.

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