Property Transfers

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•Monica Arasely Padron to Angela Goodrum in District 22.

•Deanna W. Ashby to Michelle M. Sprosty in District 23.

•David R. Moore to John Robert Van Goethem in District 16.

•Bonnie Marrison to Ernestine King in District 4.

•James Michael and Rebecca Wilson McCarty to James Michael McCarty in District 11.

•Harold Wayne and Reba Joan Dean to Harold Dustin Dean in District 11.

•United State of America to Thomas A. Hartigan.

•Patricia McDade to Jennifer Leigh Knight and others in District 19.

•Tony Ray and Debbie Hamilton Kee to Robert S. and Debra R. Pampuch in District 24.

•Robert Gene High Jr. and others to Robert Gene High Jr. and others in District 21.

•Judy A. Hannan to Terry G. and Mary Jo Hall in District 2.

•Shirley A. Butler to Pedro Garcia and Giselle Garcia Perez in District 2.

•John Harold Chrysler to John Harold Chrysler and others.

•Marlon and Tammy Cathey to Leah N. Wallace and others in District 4.

•Peggy Ann Winchester to Joseph W. and Karisa B. Winchester in District 22.

•William Frank and Glenda Robinson and others to William Allen Espey Jr. and others in District 21.

•Carroll Bank & Trust to Daniel A. and Jackie K. Gant in District 24.

•Marty E. Ensley to Mark P. and Linda J. Roney in District 7.

•Marty E. Ensley and others to Mark P. and Linda J. Roney in District 7.

•Kristopher A. Sisemore and Brittani Starr to Jonathan Blake Baker and others in District 22.

•Daniel A. and Jackie K. Gant to Walter G. and Brenda L. Rodriquez in District 24.

•Carroll County Tennessee to West Tennessee Public Utility District.

•Martha Irene Morris Vann to Martha Irene Morris and Joel Vann in District 21.

•Gary Harwood to Ronald Archie and Margaret Lynette Kliiewer in District 4.

•Amando S. Herrera to Daniel Grisham in District 22.

•Daniel Grisham to Amando S. Herrera in District 4.

•A & H Quick Stop, Inc. to Radiant Group of Properties LLC.

•Elizabeth N. Jones to Ian Christopher and Dinah Lee Carney in District 6.

•Edward W. and Melissa M. Medlin to Kelsie Wayde Jablowski.

•Jonathan B. and Heather A. Kee to Christopher A. and Keiko H. Beck in District 11.

•Carie Neal Bradfield to Jason Chad and Josie Jean Brown in District 4.

•Marty E. Ensley and others to Kelly Schrotberger in District 7.

•Judy Hendrix Hooper and others to Jonathan Alan and Jessica Marie Hendrix in District 13.

•Keith Kemp to Dan W. and Elise R. Warrick in District 11.

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