Property Transfers

•Taylor and Matthew Johnson to Taylor Johnson in District 2.

•Roberta S. Drinkard to Ray Smith.

•Ramona Lea and David Alan Haue to William A. Glass in District 10.

•Joyce Johnson and others to Ruth A. Fleming.

•Barbara J. Johnson to Jacob C. and Angela Campbell.

•James Michael and Dana Milam Cobb to Jamie and Monica Stewart in District 13.

•Allen Clark to Todd W. and Kristina M. Murdock in District 11.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others to Heath A. and Kelly Welsh in District 7.

•Doug and Kevin Johnson to William L. Bullington in District 4.

•Betty Simmons to Michael Gayford Simmons and others in District 12.

•MCB Pine Valley LP to Johnson Lee in District 6.

•Billy Ray and Mary Lee Lowe to Martin L. Jr. and Lisa A. Batte in District 16.

•The Bank of New York to Thomas Hartigan in District 20.

•Tammy Honeycutt Frazier to Robert Warren in District 22.

•Douglas Duane Karnes to Douglas Duane Karnes Jr. in District 1.

•Keith and Tessa L. O’Brien to Tessa L. O’Brien.

•Keith and Tessa L. O’Brien to Tessa L. O’Brien in District 4.

•James F. Cowan to James F. Cowan.

•Carie Neal Bradfield to Wayne J. Rasura in District 4.

•Leonel and Margarita Gonzalez to David Lynn and Regina Ann Ozment.

•Aaron and Shauna Sirk to James M. and Sandra D. Gentry in District 6.

•Steven Ray Newbill Sr. to Jeffery Alan Newbill in District 19.

•The McKenzie Industrial Development Board to R & R Farms in District 9.

•Bobby G. and Amanda E. Derryberry to Dennis and Jeannine Stokes in District 24.

•Ricky Arnold Bray to Trisha Moran in District 6.

•John Lee Spicer to Robert A. and Pamela C. Wyatt in District 11.

•Lori Ann Bradley to Jesse Bradley in District 19.

•Gregory Mark Glover to Justin Andrew and Lindsey M. Glover in District 16.

•Charles Rober Childress and others to Raymond L. Jr. and Kelsie P. Nelson in District 2.

•Jennifer Lynn Gurley to Jennifer Lynn Gurley and others in District 14.

•Linka Lynn Langley and others to Linka Lynn Langley in District 22.

•Jeffery Lloyd Smith and others to Joshua Neal Balentine and others in District 23.

•James Lee Kelley to Ronnie Webb in District 16.

•Edgar Dale and Sandra L. Matheny to Hemant S. Patel.

•Edgar Dale and Sandra L. Metheny to Hemant S. Patel.

•Kenneth C. Paschall and others to Rodney W. and Elizabeth R. Griffin in District 22.

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