Property Transfers

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•Larry Lewis to Jimmy Cannon in District 11.

•Dennis Noel to Phillip Boyd and Rebecca Jean Bradley.

•Corene Bennett to Logan C. Payne in District 22.

•Leslie Allen to Stanley L. Taylor.

•Larry Brignac to John Gardner Johnson Jr. in District 6.

•Julie Ann Summers to Gregory G. and Amy J. Barker in District 4.

•Christopher D. and Chelsea N. Smith to Chelsea N. Smith in District 6.

•Jennifer Marcus to Arnd Morawe in District 21.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty in District 12.

•Stella Slates to G & C Supply Co. Inc. in District 21.

•Lucian M. Kee Jr. to Rickey Lee Goodin in District 16.

•David Omar Tillman to Roger D. Hays and others in District 12.

•Taylor and Matthew Johnson to Taylor Johnson in District 2.

•Roberta S. Drinkard to Ray Smith.

•Ramona Lea and David Alan Haue to William A. Glass in District 10.

•Joyce Johnson and others to Ruth A. Fleming.

•Barbara J. Johnson to Jacob C. and Angela Campbell.

•James Michael and Dana Milam Cobb to Jamie and Monica Stewart in District 13.

•Allen Clark to Todd W. and Kristina M. Murdock in District 11.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others to Heath A. and Kelly Welsh in District 7.

•Doug and Kevin Johnson to William L. Bullington in District 4.

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