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Property Transfers

Jennifer Smith to Danny Jones. No district listed.

Lori B. Rollins (Now James) to Bryan Matthew James in District 6.

Denise Anglin to Paula and Shafter Johnson-Wyatt. No district listed.

Roman A. Hernandez to Morgan L. Cathey in District 22.

Tracy R. Yundt to Nathan Baker and Seth Thomas Ricketts in District 15.

Laura A. Keeton to Christie A. Vibbert. No District listed.

Tena Fowler to Coleman Family Cemetery in District 21.

Dan Grisham to Sacramento Herrera in District 22.

Joshua and Lindsey Rotger to Kevin and Cathy A. Corbin in District 12.

Anna E. Trull to Reba Renee Pritchett in District 22.

Amy Davis to Colby C. and Alexis L. Davis in District 11.

Brandy Winford to Michael A. Smith in District 16.

Ruby L. Thomas to Kevin and Michelle Barnes. No district listed.

Brian W. and Alane M. Zimny to John Michael and Leigh Ann Sutton in District 21.

Christopher Daniel and Chelsea N. Smith to Jacob Fullington in District 6.

John Goode to Joshua David and Alexandria Marie Meeks in District 19.

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