Property Transfers

•Thomas Byron and Jesse Mark Forester to David Noel Forester in district 14.

•Brenda J. Pardue to Jonathan T. Pardue.

•Anthony Jason Henderson to Grover and Nola Henderson in district 8 and 11.

•Daniel R. and Donna L. Gilliam to Jesaias E. Yoder in district 11.

•Edd Scarbrough and others to Mastin L. Bailey in district 4.

•Gary Steven and Denise Harriet Lifsey to Stephanie Ann Safa and others in district 4.

•Billy and Denise Townsend to Ryan Wyatt.

•Logan Jordan to Penny Moder.

•Kraver Properties, LLC to Mid-Florida Development, LLC in district 16.

•James Cooper and Doris Helen Melton to Caitlyn Dianne Melton.

• Marcia Christine Bailey to Robert Brian Henry.

•Charles A. Jr. And Tonya L. Hyde to Donald Keith and Sherri D. Priestley in district 4.

•Jack Richard Roek to Michael Andy and Twyla Renee Brown and others in district 4.

•Stanley Junior Allen to Angela F. Lavigne in district 4.

•Nancy K. Pinson to Nancy K. Pinson and others in district 2.

•U. S Bank National Association to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

•Steadfast Home Buyers to The Leiker Family Trust in district 11.

•Ladona C. Herrin to Gregory W. and Ellen Pruitt in district 4.

•Billy H. Dillahunty to David Gordon and Phyllis Anne Willaims in district 11.

•Renee Ford to Charlotte Renee Ford Ward in district 16.

•Lovina Mallo to Tessla L. Durbin.

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