Property Transfers

•Christopher Wade Baker to Johnathan R. Sullivan in district 2.

•Joyce Ann Hatley Hampton to James B. Hatley in district 2.

•Lumenie Denilus to James K. and Sabrina B. Peterson in district 13.

•Theresa Marie Vick to Christopher Michael Laws in district 16.

•Cody Allen and Megan Dawn Brown to Samuel Cade and Brittany Marie Tolley in district 4.

•Joan Wynn to Beach Management, INC in district 10.

•Beach Management, inc. to Jimmy R. Milan in district 10.

•Dorothy Sue White to Dorothy Sue White and others in district 11.

•Linda Hatfield to Tyler Barrow.

•Amber J. Pounds to Don L. and Alice J. Cook in district 4.

•Sherry Dianne Foulks and others to Sherry Diana Foulks and others in district 11 and district 9.

•Margaret Owens and others to Ola Graham in district 13.

•Jo H. Noel to Dawn Marie Gardner and Jo Helen Noel in district 11.

•Willie Dean Bobbitt to Willie Dean Bobbitt and others in district 22.

•Don L. and Alice J. Cook to Christopher Matthew Cook in district 4.

•Danny Brandon to Danny Brandon and others in district 24.

•Sarah M. Freeman to Bread Capital, LLC in district 4.

•Sheila Buchanan Fletcher to Jimmy Ray Daniel in district 10.

•Raymond Neil and Troy Hopper to Raymond Neil and Troy Hopper in district 16.

•Jimmy James Hugh Cannon to Cherri Cannon in district 11.

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