Property Transfers

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•Veronica Crews to Veronica Crews in district 3.

•Paul Elvis and Betty Kaye Wallace to Wallace Family Trust.

•M land, Inc. to William G. and Patricia Evet Willis in district 11.

•John and Anne-Marie Handley to Nicholas J. and Kayla M. Troup.

•Dasset at McKenzie, LLC to Brenda Marie Joins and others.

•David and Elizabeth Lott to Benjamin and Morgan Lott in district 4.

•Booby Don Inge to Jordan Goodman in districts 16 and 6.

•James and Teresa J. Speer to Matthew W. and William Roberts in district 16.

•Paul L. Conquest Jr to Issaic A. Ezell and Elizabeth G. Smith in district 9.

•Gerrit Christiaan and Maureen B. McGoldrick to Gloria P. McKinley and others in district 15.

•Steve Bunn as trustee and others to Deana D. Edwards in district 11.

•MMT Properties, LLC to Bryan Matthew Merrick in district 4.

•Jimmie Sue Taylor to Jimmie Sue Taylor and others in district 4.

•Teresa Goodrum to Jerry Wayne and Peyton Lane Boyd in district 16.

•Patricia Taylor Cunningham to Shelia Ann Lott in district 4.

•Lloyd E. Russell Jr. to Mary Katherine and Sarah Elizabeth Russell in district 1.

•Jeffrey Alan Coleman to Jerry Lynn Coleman and others.

•Nathan G. Sellers to Kevin Richard Andrews in district 21.

•Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis to Joy N. Brown in district 4.

•William Rutherford and Judy Hickerson Davis as trustees to James A. and Jeanene A. Jones in district.

•Dewey Ellis to Byron and Lori Ann Rogertson in district 4.

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