Property Transfers

  • Jeff Harrison to David C. and Cheryl J. Mercker in district 20.
  • Patricia Palmer Finney as Trustee to Charles M. and Denise A. Boykin in district 7.
  • Carl Campbell to Thomas and Jayma Lynch in district 9.
  • Diane Cook as Trustee to Alisa Gail Whitworth and others in district 4.
  • Brian Holt and others to Patricia Holt in district 12.
  • Andy R. Miller to Alan Randolph and Melinda Kaye Kuta in district 11.
  • Larry Ray Moore to Colton Ray and Kyle Montgomery Moore in district 3.
  • William Keith Brown as attorney in fact Kelsey Leigh Brown to Nathan Todd and Shelly Weaver Magruder. 
  • Joyce B. Greer to Joyce B. Greer in district 5.
  • Robert F. Leitgen and others to Robert F. Leitgen and others in district 12.
  • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, INC. to Kenneth and Zoe King in district 23.
  • Aubrey Ray Chamberlain and others to Pon Somath in district 11.
  • Gary W. and Shelia Kay Hunter to Justin Stoltzfus in district 16.
  • Paul Burns to Paul Burns in district 24.
  • Nancy Carol Conder to AAA Farms LLC.
  • Tony Vu to Tung Hung, LLC in district 7.
  • Mark L. Marshall and others to Brett A. and Krystle L. Watters in district 11.
  • John Cameron as executor to John Cameron in district 6.
  • Joy N. Vela to Victor M. Vela in district 4.
  • Paul L. Ward Jr. To Paul Linden Ward, Jr. Living Trust in district 11.
  • Tena Gurley and Harris Glyn Halter to Donald Glen and Tena Gurley Halter in district 13.
  • Stephen Lawrence and Doris Mashburn Parker to Daniel Matthew and Brittney Rachel Kelly in district 16.
  • Rebecca A. and Timothy D. Harner to Roselind J. and Robert J. Bourgeois in district 1.
  • Michael L. Umstead to Franklin Hampton and others in district 13.
  • Amanda K. Wallace and others to Carroll Bank and Trust as trustee in district 11.
  • Tina Pitts to Bradley Eugene Lee in district 17.
  • Maude M. Andrade and others to Maude M. Andrade and others in district 7.
  • Larry Gene Miller as executor to Charles Michael Miller and others in district 11.
  • David Luna to Jose Luis and Maria Isabel Silva Mondez Guerrero in district 22.
  • Sally Dawn Hester to Hunter and Bryanna Haynes in district 16.
  • Alex Barcelona to Mushin, LLC in district 11.

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