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Helen C. Camper to Shad David Camper in district 2.
Jacquelyn Dover as Administration, C.T. A to Chase and Ronald Coker in district 20.
David K. Hochreiter to Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis in district 22.
Lyle D. and Shirley J. Ware to Robin Clark Carney in district 6.
Larry E. Ellis and others to Steve and Charlee Pruitt in district 16.
Barsto Rental to Mital V. and Vijaykumar A. Patel in district 11.
Jennifer Cecconi to Jennifer and Blayne Cecconi in district 19.
Charles Gray Merritt to Karen Lynn Merritt in district 5.
Thomas Chadwick Taylor to Ronnie and Sandra Cooper in district 2.
Stephen L. and Gail Walker and others to Chadwick T. and Genji L. Prater and others in district 8.
Julius Vidale Cozart and others to Merritt Willis in district 16.
County of Carroll to Charles Land and others in district 23.
Jeremy Keith and Candice Elaine Jones to Goatdog Properties, LLC in district 11.
James Ervin and Rita Jo Moore to James Brandon and Serena Jo Moore in district 9.
David Jason and Sandra K. Hunt to Beaver Creek Management Group, LLC in district 7.
Joe Ann Smith to Taylor Ann Fortner in district 6.
Deborah A. Leadicker to Quentin M. Leadicker in district 19.
David Henry and Lynda Travillian Lankford to David Henry and Lynda T. Lankford.
Jeff Harrison to David C. and Cheryl J. Mercker in district 20.
Patricia Palmer Finney as Trustee to Charles M. and Denise A. Boykin in district 7.
Carl Campbell to Thomas and Jayma Lynch in district 9.

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