Property Transfers

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•Robert L. and J. Vince Taylor to Logan Jordan in district 11.

•James H. Seaton III to Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis in district 4.

•Jackie G. and Billy B. Tines to Carroll Bank & Trust in district 11.

•Vanna Lynn Greer Hulsey and others to Virgil Steve Coleman and others in district 5.

•Raphael Cobb to Jonathan Cobb in district 11.

•Billy and Ginger Phifer to Jimmy Randall and Derrinda June Thomas in district 4.

•Gerrit Christian and Maureen B. McGoldrick to Scott McCall in district 15.

•Douglas Bryon and Deborah Pate to Douglas and Deborah Pate in district 22.

•Laron R. Wiles, Jr. to Laron R. Wiles, Jr. in district 6.

•Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in district 11.

•Melanie Robin Anderson to Cary Evan Eskew.

•Sandi S. and Spiridon L. Roditis to John and Jane Hopewell in district 4.

•Dustin Patrick and Mallory A. Smith to William Allen and Paige Fisher Espey in district 11.

•Rachel E. Prater to Phillip P. and Patricia C. Hicks in district 16.

•Charles Frances Tapsell II to Amy Claire Tapsell in district 11.

•Raymond Edward Cheetham and Judy J. Jones to James R. Speaker and Joanne Marie Schultz in district 11.

•Sheila Fay McCulley to Pedro Garcia and Giselle Garcia Perez in district 5.

•Porsche and Brigitte McClerking to Ashton Mitchell in district 12.

•Pamela A. Colwell to Gator Properties, Inc. in district 2.

•William Hargrove to Keith Owen Kincy in district 5.

•Wallace and Lawanda Taylor to Janie J. and James A. Carney in district 13.

•John W. Baker to Susan L. and Danny E. Baker in district 9.

•Lydia and Benjamin Body to Taylor M. and Micah L. McCarty in district 11.

•Ray Chamberlain to Lucian M. Kee, Jr in district 2.

•Jonathan Lee and Jamie Kathryn Moody to McKenna Cameryn Moody in district 7.

•Taylor McGill and Micah McCarty to Misty L. Clemons in district 11.

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