Property Transfers

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Guy E. Jordan to Brionna M. Jordan in district 11.

Sheila Fay McCulley to William Michael Lovelace in district 5.

Donna S. Robenault to Brandy L. Bowlin in district 11.

Jalmar C. and Cherry P. Rittenberry to Matthew A. and Leslie M. Brown in district 9.

Eldon L. and Danita K. Laman to Nicholas A. Laman in district 11.

Terry K. Sellers to Terry K. Sellers in district 17.

Susan Alton to Susan Alton in district 14.

Alice S. Hopper to Wortham Brothers Rental, LLC in district 16.

Christopher Stephens to Kellie Ballard in district 13.

Ronald J. Knuutila and others to Hunter Chase Wortham Forrest in district 18.

Jack H. Redmond to Justin J. and Whitney Crocker in district 22.

Tai Lam to Jonathon A. Dickson in district 13.

Hanna M. Wells to Kala L. and Terry L. Webster in district 8.

Dee Ann Perkins to Seth and Jill S. Bennet in district 11.

Bobby and Brenda Jones to Michael PoppleWell in district 23.

Joyce A. Hampton to Justin Haskins and others in district 16.

Deborah J. and Craig S. Hohl to Rachel Baldwin in district 4.

Debra Suddath to New Vision Trust and Tong Dang.

Larry Moore to Jerome Clay Sydnor in district 3.

Matthew C. and Misty D. Aird to Matthew and Misty Aird as trustees.

Mary Frances Allen to Jeremy Ray Alen in district 22.

Charles Lee and Jennifer Johnson to Katherine A. Tanner in district 6.

Dennis A. Deveckx and others to Dennis A. Deveckx and others in district 11.

Michael A. Heatley to Kyla D. and Troy F. Heatley in district 16.

Julia O. Boyd to Chares Logan Boyd in district 12.

Maleah W. Phipps Hollingsworth to John Willard and Sarah Katherine Lancaster in district 16.

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