Property Transfers

Brenda Isela Rodriguez to New Vison Trust in District 22.

Carla Boyd Sanders to Carla Boyd and Charles David Sanders in District 19.

Joe Ann Smith to Marsha and Daniel F. Grinnell.

Sheila Faye McCulley and others to Karen A. Schultz and others in District 5.

James L. Fortner II to Woodrow W. O’Neal and Gwyn Renee in District 17.

J. Neil Thompson to Michael U. King in District 11.

Clifton D. Cary to Margaret Justine Sellers in District 7.

Nickolas Byron and Hannah Rivers Funderburk to Dexter Rich in District 11.

Michael and Tammy McKee to John Michael Drinkard in District 6.

Sylvia A. Hodge to Steven Hunter Peterson in District 11.

Cassandra Leigh Stone to Clint David Haworth Stone to Anthony Doretti and others in District 11.

Betsy A. Howe to Randy and Marni Wozniak in District 16.

Jere S. Cooper Sr and other to Trevor Lee Hunt in District 4.

Carolyn Sallustio to Rex Anthony and Danette Edenfield Shevitski in District 10.

Wesley Wheeler as personal representative to Wesley Wheeler in District 5.

Lisa Kelly to Kevin B. Wilkes and others in District 13.

Eric Wayne and Ryan Scott Butler to Eric Wayne and Ryan Scott Butler in District 15.

Harry C. and Veronica Bradley to Matt Thomas and Allie Nicole Simpson in District 24.

Jeffery C. owe and others to Harlan W. and Gloria L. Williams in District 11.

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