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Property Transfers

  • Betty Simmons to Phillip E. Coleman in District 22.
  • Jon Keith and Don Kenneth Zemanek to Erik J. Schieman in District 22.
  • Lauren and Nicolas B. Thompson to Lauren and Nicolas Thompson in district 22.
  • Zachary and Wendy Wallace to Lauren P. and Nicolas B. Thompson in District 22.
  • David Kellett Hochreiter to Andrew J. Maxwell in District 4.
  • Rubye Nicole Fesmire to Alec Rimmer.
  • James and Jean Roberts to Don and Jeanna Bush in District 24.
  • Robert D. Roger to Kody and Paul L. Hollingsworth in District 16. 
  • Brent and Lenita P. Oatsval to Shane and Courtney Oatsval in District 12.
  • Jeremy and Shahreen Newsome to Hershel B. Chipman Jr.  in District 8.
  • Jimmy Castleman to Aubrey Ray and Marilyn Chamberlain in District 23.
  • Aubrey Ray and Marilyn Chamberlain to Jimmy Castleman in District 16.
  • Carolyn White to Terry L. and Marian M. Herndon.
  • Randy Long to Terry and Marian Herndon.
  • Kevin L. and Robin H. Hayes to Cale A. and Cassidy B Belew in District 11.
  • Martha E. and Billy M. Gooch to Martha E. Gooch and others in District 13.
  • Jeff Harrison to Jonathan Cobb in District 8.
  • Rita Brown to Brandon M. McBroom in District 2.
  • Lisa Kelly to Danny D. Halter in District 13.
  • Tina Renee P. Staley to Ronnie D. and Tracy L. Perkins in District 14.
  • Joey Conner to Jeremy and Amanda Olten in District 11.
  • Plum Investment Group, LLC to Shawn Patrick and Miranda K. Haggerty in District 17.
  • McKenzie Auto Parts, INC. to Jerry R. Phipps Jr. in District 22.
  • Patricia E. Kilburn to Dana and Alexander Storrs in District 6.
  • The First National Bank of Oneida to Don Bush in District 7.
  • Blue Sky INV. INC. to Christopher and Melissa C. Olcott in District 22.
  • James Seaton to Robert Alex Grissom in District 4.
  • John W. and Jo Lynn Cleveland to John Cameron and Anna Marie Norwood.
  • H&S Lawn Care & Landscaping to Stone, etc. LLC in District 11.
  • Thomas Ecker to Cynthia Martin in District 21.
  • Renae Geiger to Jay and Crystal Baughman.
  • Faye Greene to Daniel W. and Amanda Bartley in District 11.
  • Jeffery C. Lowe and others to Matthew A. and Jacqualyn A. Ramsey in District 11.
  • Lumenie Denilus to Tai Lam in District 13.
  • Sheri Hilliard to Guy S. Roberts in District 12.
  • Susan Rene’ Arnold to Susan Rene’ Arnold.
  • A. Marie Krebs to Barry R. and Susan Marie Harrell.

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