Property Transfers

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Brian Wayne Travis to Jennifer Lynn Travis in District 4.

Gene Williams to Mark A. and Nina E. Dennington.

Randall D. and Gisella C. Hodges to Christopher Mancell in District 11.

Joe Ann Smith to Zachary Carter in District 6.

Daniel E. Nelson to Matthew C. Jones and others.

Mary Ann Johnson to Jimmy Wayne and Mary Ann Johnson in District 21.

Joe Ann Smith to Wesley Luke Ellis in District 6.

Darren Lee Birdwell to Gerald Reuter in District 16.

Katelyn Cherry to Adam Dowland in District 4.

John Russell Okerson to Bryan Williams and Donna Warren Banks in District 6.

Randall Clay Newman to Mary Ann Newman in District 7.

Sara Smith to Christopher P. and Amy Marie Flippin.

Billie C. Pearson to Darrell and Meklisha Ridgley in District 20.

Helen Marie Willis to Dianne Willis Johnson and others in District 15.

James Earl North Jr. to Deborah A. Leaidicker in District 19.

Merchants Properties, LLC to Marcus and Alley Burnett in District 22.

Jimmie and Carol Lowery to Todd A. and Regina K. Hackney in District 22.

Timothy E. Smith to Sheila Ann Smith in District 6.

Tammy L. Baker to David W. Baker in District 11.

Shirley H. O’Bryan to Alayna Murphy and others.

Harold M. McLain Jr. to James Hartsfield and others in District 16.

John R. Johnson to John Gardner Johnson the III.

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